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Heart Corporation has teamed together with Working together we have developed a system to help transition our ALTs into other business careers in the field that they studied or are interested in through Global Human Resource or GHR.

We will help you to prepare for life outside of ALT work. To accomplish this goal, we think it will take you two or three years to learn the Japanese language. Without conversational Japanese, it is a hard to move up the ladder and we will help you to reach your goal through online Japanese lessons.

The corporate world is a hard world but do not worry, through teaching in schools, you will gain the knowhow in working within the Japanese society through assisting teachers. Through this engagement, your skills in patience, working together, and teamwork will be enhanced make it possible to reach your goal of working in the subject you have studied or just to do something new and challenging.

If you are interested in only the education field, we have a career up program that can also qualify you to be a staff member at Heart Corporation in the HR department or in the sales section. Let us help you navigate your career.

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Heart Corporation gives priority to hiring the future Assistant Language Teachers with both Driver's License and VISA holders such as "Instructor VISA", "Permanent Residence VISA" and "Spouse VISA".
If you don’t have a car, no worry. We rent a car for certain affordable rent fee with all insurances required and car registration. If it is you, Click. Enjoy Driving to each school with your passion.

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GENKI means HEALTHY in English. Let us help you find a position that will give you a HEALTHY lifestyle in Japan. We’re not just about helping you find the right job. We can also give you information to unlock the leisure side and learn basic Japanese while you build your career in Japan.

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