Long Term 1

I want to connect with options for a long term career in Japan.

Japanese people prioritize stability in life. Japanese people usually work for one company for many years. They can get new skills in the company through an organic rotation system of responsibilities within the company.

Why do Japanese people work at a single company for such a long time? In reality, they might not even consider the question. Skills obtained on the job include common sense understanding and the ability to undertake responsibility, and this makes such workers much more attractive to companies.

ALT work offers the chance to develop skills that translate into value as an employee, even outside of the educational field. Language skills, familiarity with Japanese culture, interpersonal relationship skills, and etiquette can all provide an edge over any worker who is new to Japan. A large number of foreign professionals in Japan got their starts as ALTs. Also, skilled ALTs often have opportunities to advance within the ALT provider company itself.

You can make a long-term career in Japan just like anyone else if you understand Japanese business sense and ideas of responsibility. You can learn about all of this while working in the Japanese education system.