Long Term 2

I want to work to start my own business in Japan.

You can speak Japanese. You understand Japanese culture. You are working for a Japanese company. But you are not as conservative as Japanese people. Maybe the best option for you is to start a business in Japan.

Some Japanese people have little success in starting their own businesses because they might be afraid of standing out. As a foreigner, your outside perspective can lend itself to different skills that can lead to success.

While there are many options for starting a business in Japan, the most common and easiest for foreigners to establish is a private English school. The personal skills needed to succeed in establishing a private school can be developed as an ALT. In addition, an ALT who does good work for a number of years will develop trust among a generation of children and parents. This can produce a ready-made customer base that will support the new school.

Your final goal before starting a business should be to gain permanent residency status or Japanese citizenship. Either of these would require working and living in Japan for a number of years. This will give you all the time you need to gain the skills to run your business.