Medium Term 1

I want to learn Japanese language

It is difficult to learn a new language all by yourself. In order to get real communication skill in a new language, it is best to live in a situation in which you must use the new language. If you want to get this communication skill in Japanese, the best solution is to live in Japan.

Working in Japan is incredibly useful for improving your Japanese ability. Your Japanese skill can improve greatly through constant usage with Japanese customers. Many foreign people have started this kind of work in Japan. One example is supporting people who have just moved to Japan, such as liaison work between foreigners and realtors or other service companies.

If you are studying Japanese from the very beginning, ALT work is a highly recommended option. By being surrounded by children using casual Japanese and adults using professional Japanese, a motivated person can become proficient in the language through working this kind of job. Some have said that they learned more real Japanese through ALT work than they did at Japanese language schools. They also got paid to do it, as opposed to paying tuition! ALT work can help the development of this basic communication ability, and this can help you find your next job in the Japanese customer service field.