Medium Term 2

I want to become part of Japanese culture

It is not enough to read books and listen to other people’s stories to learn Japanese culture. The best way is to attend events in Japan with Japanese people and to share their experiences.

For example, some foreign people are creating art in Japan, or using CG to make new and original works. They can express their creations because they live in Japan and appreciate Japanese culture and experiences. It is possible to be inspired by new cultures and to express yourself through them as well.

However, not everyone has the creative skills to support themselves in this way. Most people, though, have communication or teaching skills that can allow cultural acquisition and expression through their work and private lives.

ALTs develop real bonds with children and become respected and appreciated members of the community. Motivated ALTs may look to join (or be asked to join) community events and festivals. With the free time an ALT job provides, there is ample opportunity to travel and experience cultural events nationwide.

It is possible to be immersed in real Japanese culture through traditional events with Japanese children and adults while working as their ALT in their schools.