Short Term 2

I want an interesting job or to try something new

There are many ways to have interesting work in Japan without being stuck behind a desk. Some people enjoy working in a café or restaurant, as a hotel receptionist or tour guide, etc. Why? It is possible to meet various kinds of people in Japan, whether they are living in the country or visiting. One can get a wider view of life through this communication. Keep in mind that in order to begin this kind of work, visa sponsorship would still be needed.

ALT jobs also provide fun human interaction at work. ALTs have a desk, but don't work behind it all day! ALTs spend days with energetic young people and play throughout the day on the job. Working with Japanese kids brings a unique life experience that you usually won’t find if you just go with the flow!

After you have learned Japanese culture and Japanese language during the ALT work, you can proceed to a higher career level in human relations fields in Japan. Because ALTs work with both children (students) and adults (teachers), they can build communication skills for all ages.

Increased Japanese skills and a deeper understanding of Japanese culture will open doors for higher and higher career levels throughout your life. Even if this is not your main goal, these kinds of jobs provide a positive experience and mental stimulation that you can appreciate at the time, of course!