Short Term 3

I need to support myself, but I want more freedom to have fun than most jobs can provide.

We might be able to recommend jobs in resort areas. There are seasonal jobs throughout Japan: in hot spring (onsen) resorts, skiing resorts, seaside resorts, etc. Of course, you would be free to enjoy yourself during other times of year. You can enjoy both jobs and traveling in Japan.

If you can obtain a Working holiday visa and have enough funds to support yourself in the off-season, you can enjoy these seasonal jobs. If not, it is difficult to consider these short-term jobs in Japan.

ALT work can allow you to have a similar experience if you need visa support or enough income to support yourself. ALT jobs can provide financial support for reasonable lifestyles, but they also have more free time than almost any full-time job you can consider. ALTs work for about 200 days a year, as opposed to a typical 240-day full-time job. There are fewer working hours each day as well. There is a lot of time for leisure in day-to-day life. School holidays allow ALTs to enjoy Japan during the workweek and travel abroad during summer and winter. And, of course, for those who do not yet have permission to work in Japan, ALT work can provide a working visa.