My experience of Japanese culture and society

During my days living in Japan, almost everyday I am amazed by the Japanese peoples’ hard working attitude and the way Japanese society works, and the trust and respect between the people and the harmony within the society make me feel safe and relaxed, so I can focus on what I am doing and I am really glad that I had such a wonderful experience in Japan.

Why did I decide to work as an ALT?

Because I want a job which is meaningful to me and helps me grow and become a better person as well, and ALT is the perfect choice for me. During the time of being an ALT it gives me satisfaction and accomplishment by helping and motivating the students, and also being an ALT helps me understanding myself more in all different situations; I grow my teaching skill as well as become a better person!

Positive parts of being an ALT

To me, the positive parts of being an ALT are to help and guide the students becoming more confident and motivated in learning foreign languages. The satisfaction of helping students succeed and the students enjoying what they are learning motivates me more, and I can find self-achievement and happiness as being an ALT.

What skills have I learned as an ALT that will help me in the future?

In the past four years, through my own experience I think the communication skill I learned as an ALT will help me in the future. No matter what career to take on, communication between people is the most important role of being successful in the new environment, and the ALT job is the perfect opportunity to learn this skill; no lesson will be successful without team teaching and good team teaching needs good communication!

What is my future career goal?

At the moment I don’t have a clear future career goal, however I believe that what I learned and experienced as an ALT will have a positive impact on my future career, therefore no matter what future waiting for me, I am really thankful that I have the opportunity to work as an ALT!

- Kent Chen (Australia)