My experiences in Japan

My experience in Japan has been mostly positive. It is a beautiful country, full of mountains, surrounded by seas and splattered with historical towns and cities. The food is delicious, unique, gentle and delicate. I love the outdoors and I love good food, so most of my experiences in Japan have been very positive.

ALT work for the cultural points

I first started 6 years ago just wanting a year out from higher education. I was living on a tiny sub-tropical island and I enjoyed it a lot. I realized that the longer I stayed, the more I learned and gained from the experience. Recently, I decided to move to a new location in Japan. I needed an income and a way to meet some people, so again I became an ALT. For me, being an ALT is a job that gets your foot in the door in various locations all over Japan. It is also good fun and often rewarding.

The job of an ALT thrusts you into Japan's working environment giving you a truly authentic experience from the word go. Generally you get to be very creative and silly designing activities and games that will help kids learn English.

The skill I got from ALT work and my future

Intercultural and interlanguage communication skills improve a lot while working as an ALT. It is also an opportunity to learn how to teach on the job.

My wife will be opening a food trucking business very soon. So, if all goes well she will be selling food in Japan in various locations, markets and festivals sometime soon. If that is successful and stable enough, then I am going to do it too. In the meantime I am making our adventures feasible by working the classroom.

- Michael King (U. K.)