Teacher’s Life in Japan

Being a teacher in Japan has been a great experience for me. I never knew the impact helping children understand English could be. I thought back at the memories of my childhood and the way teachers impacted my life by encouraging me to try hard and never give up on my dreams and I used this an instrument to help students take joy in learning English.

Here in Japan, it was dream for a lot of adult people to speak English fluently and it was a goal that many could not reach. Their dream now is to have their children reach those dreams for them.

With Native speakers help, we can spark the minds of children and encourage them to keep trying and to work hard at speaking English. Little by little, you will see the students become more and more interested and the sad or bored faces about learning English will turn into smiles. You can impact them in a way that they will reach for new opportunities in life. The will travel abroad will increase and some may even work in English speaking environments. Not only that, students will have memories of their time with you that will last a life time.

KB (California, USA)

My ALT and Japan Experience

“Why I decided to work as an ALT”

I decided to become an ALT because I wanted to live in Japan, and in order to live in Japan, one must have a job. Becoming an ALT provided me with a job I could use to move to and live in Japan.

“What skills have I learned as an ALT that will help me in the future?”

I’ve been able to develop my communication skills especially since I don’t know Japanese. I’ve also developed and improved upon my public speaking skills. Teaching requires public speaking, as well as other skills, and by teaching everyday I’ve been able to see where I need to improve and make the necessary changes when it comes to public speaking.

“Positive parts of being an ALT”

Being an ALT is really fun and enjoyable. Spending time with the students at school is the best part. Lesson planning and teaching are not that difficult to do. I don’t even know Japanese, but most teachers have some level of English ability and since I am using simple English with the students, most teachers are able to understand and assist me.

If something needs to be explained in Japanese, the Japanese teachers will interpret what I say for the students so they know what to do, or how an activity is supposed to be done, etc.

“My experience in Japan”

My experience in Japan has been mostly a positive one. Not knowing the culture and language has been difficult, but with the help of friends, I was able to manage the cultural and language barriers that come with living in an unfamiliar country.

“What is My future career goal”

My future career goal is to own and operate my own business in Japan. I haven’t decided, yet, what kind of business I’d like to own and operate.

Scott Muchewicz (USA)