Basic Techniques


Flash cards are very effective to learn new words.
There are some points.
Point 1: Do not cover the picture with your hands.
Point 2: Keep hold of them to be just below your mouth.
Point3: Repeat the word 3 times. The 1St time with slowly, The 2nd time to correct the students pronunciation, and the 3rd time naturally.

Classroom English with gestures 1

This video explains some points regarding classroom English and gestures.
Point 1: Fun English with good gestures
Point 2: Positive reaction
Point 3: How to make students motivated

Classroom English with gestures 2

When giving instructions to students, there is no need to have complicated gestures and expressions. It is necessary to communicate with clear expressions and emotions.s

Elementary school

Greeting for ES

Every class will start with a greeting.
“Hello, how are you? How’s the weather? What day is it today? What date is it today?”
Elementally school uses simple English, and more feeling.
Try to be happy about English.


Usually the ES class will sing a song for a warm up. Don’t hesitate to sing along with the students, but you have to sing energetically.
This is also effective for helping to get students used to understanding English sounds.

Picture book

Sometimes in elementary school you may be asked to read a picture book even if the class is a bit older and for example 10 or 11 years old. When you are reading, please keep in mind that the picture book idea is one of imagination the students can see a little bit of English but also the pictures and they should get the feeling and emotion from the reader.

Junior high school

Greeting for JHS

Secondary school starts from a Japanese greeting then moves to an English greeting.
Students prepare to understand English naturally through pronunciation. So, speaking clearly well is much more important than emotion.


JHS students are shy to sing compared to ES students. You can change the song into a chant. It will make it easy to memorize with fun. You need to create a rhythm. Here is an example.

How to read a textbook for students

ALTs in Junior high school will always be the model reader for the students.
When you are reading the English textbook, make sure you notice these points.